A Word Or Two With Ruth Bader Ginsburg – 2019 – RBG: (1933-2020) – Past Daily Special

Ruth Bader Ginsburg (photo Librado Romero-N.Y. Times)
Ruth Bader Ginsburg – (in 1972) – Tireless champion and fearless voice of conscience. (photo: Librado Romero-New York Times).

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Supreme Court Justice – BBC World Service Documentary – 2019 – BBC World Service –

With heart-stopping news that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away earlier this evening, the result of complications from a battle with Pancreatic Cancer, a vital and essential voice for Justice in America is gone.

She tried valiantly to stay alive until the elections were held this year – and with only weeks to see that goal, it was not to be.

It is impossible to gauge the far reaching implications of this – on the one hand, the terrible grief associated with the loss of a tireless champion and fearless voice of conscience is palpable – on the other hand, the loss of balance that is so crucial in the ideological structure of the Supreme Court may have serious implications for generations to come – and may, in fact signal the end of Democracy in its true sense – that loss of balance that is so crucial in holding together the extremely delicate nature of our government may be something we, as a nation will not recover from.

But just as we couldn’t foresee our world today from the eyes of this past January, we can’t foresee how this will pan out tomorrow or next week or even next month – what other stories are left to be to be told – what other issues and situations will present themselves before the election that are, as yet, not revealed. This has been a mysterious year and no prediction has proven to be accurate.

All we have now, this moment, is a sense of great sadness and loss and the remembrance of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her indomitable spirit that helped guide our democracy and held us all together.

As a reminder, and perhaps joining the sea of other voices recalling the life and work of this extraordinary human being, I’ve added a radio documentary first aired last year which features an interview with Ruth Bader Ginsburg by the BBC World Service.

And nothing more can be said.

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