Allied Bombers Over Holland - 1944

Allied Bombers over Holland. Weather was a factor.

September 24, 1944 – Allied Air Offensives Over Holland And The Rhineland – The Situation At Arnhem – Breakthrough At The Gothic Line –

Allied Bombers Over Holland - 1944
Allied Bombers over Holland. Weather was a factor..
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September 24, 1944 – World News Today – CBS Radio – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

September 24, 1944 – Busy news for this day. The actions in Holland and the British airborne division fighting in Holland began this newscast. There were no additional details on the announcement from Supreme Allied Headquarters that British General Dempsey’s forces with reinforcements of men and material by air had made limited contact with the British airborne division in Holland. The 2nd Army was still fighting to enlarge and strengthen that contact. But there was still no strong linkup between the 2nd Army and the band of troops still holding out in Arnhem after seven days. Advance patrols from the 2nd Army fought their way across the Dutch Rhine the night before, to give the exhausted paratroopers a new ray of hope. The paratroopers withstood ceaseless attacks from the Germans, aimed at an attempt to recapture a bridge over the Dutch Rhine. While the main British forces were struggling to widen their narrow corridor through Holland. The 2nd British Army fought desperately to reach their besieged airborne comrades, but they too were under heavy fire in their corridor sandwich between powerful German forces. Latest reports from Holland indicated the British Army greatly strengthened their position along the road to Nijmegen, with help from the British Air Force. But bad weather had been preventing the Air Force from playing a larger role in the operation and the weather had been helping the Germans to bring up guns and reinforcements, giving the German Army an advantage in being able to prevent any large scale allied crossing of the Dutch Rhine at Arnhem. By all accounts, it was shaping up to being potentially the biggest battle of the war on the Western front.

Meanwhile, Rumanian sources reported that Russian forces had crossed into Hungary. Allied troops have driven the Germans from the entire northern end of the Gothic Line and were sweeping into the Po Valley. And Japanese Radio reported Allied planes were once again staging raids on the Philippines.

All that and much-much more reported in this broadcast of The World Today from CBS Radio.

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