October 15, 1944 – The Greatest Air Attacks Against Germany – Death of The Desert Fox – Hungary Asks For Armistice.

Allied Air Attacks Over Germany - October 15, 1944
Air Attacks over Germany – a sky filled with planes.
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October 15, 1944 – World News Today – CBS Radio – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

October 15, 1944 – News of heavy air activity over Germany this day. In what was described as the “largest concentration ever of Allied air power”, over 1200 bombers took part in massive raids over Germany, hitting industrial and military centers in the Cologne area, some 40 miles away from Aachen, where American ground troops were making slow progress. Bombers also leveled the town of Duisberg in the Rhineland, attacking it twice in one day. Canadian troops were busy launching new assaults around Antwerp. The Germans launched counter attacks and forced the Canadian army to fall back, leaving open a main supply line for the German troops.

The German news was reporting the death of Field Marshall Irwin Rommel who had died as the result of severe head wounds from a car accident on the Western front. No other details were given.

Russian radio reported Red Army forces captured a northern most port in Finland. It represented an important development in the little-publicized campaign in Northern Finland which involved the fate of some 7-9 German Divisions who were faced with only escape by sea, since all other routes were overtaken and held by Russian and Finnish troops. Another piece of significant news for this day was the report that Hungary may be quitting the war. London radio picked up reports from Budapest Radio that Regent Miklos Horthy asked for Armistice terms. A later broadcast by Hungary’s Chief of Staff warned that Hungarian troops must continue fighting, since an armistice had not yet been granted and it was still in negotiations. Germany had some 12 divisions in Hungary and the Hungarians with some 16 divisions. The Russian army advances and Hungary’s asking for an armistice meant Germany was losing one of its last allies on the eastern front.

And that’s a little of what was going on, this October 15, 1944 as reported by CBS Radio’s World News Today.

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