Anwar Sadat - UN 1975

Anwar Sadat - led Egypt in the six-day war - also led Egypt into a Peace with Israel.

October 29, 1975 – Anwar Sadat Addresses The UN General Assembly – Past Daily Reference Room.

Anwar Sadat - UN 1975
Anwar Sadat – led Egypt in the six-day war – also led Egypt into a Peace with Israel.
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Anwar Sadat – Address to United Nations General Assembly – October 29, 1975 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

October 29, 1975 – On this day, President Anwar El Sadat of Egypt appealed to UN General Assembly to make sure that the Palestinians are given full recognition in any negotiations on the Middle East.

Here’s an excerpt from that address:

Anwar Sadat: “As for the situation in the Arab world and its complex problems, the bases of our policy are clear and continuous. They are not the result of emotional reaction or improvisation, but rather the outcome of a profound study of the various circumstances of the Egyptian people as well as the Arab nation, of our national struggle and the present‐day world realities.

Our first objective, which influences all our Arab or international actions, is the liberation of all occupied Arab territories and the restoration of the rights of the Palestinian people so that they can exercise their responsibility and their right to self‐determination. In this respect we do not hold any part of Arab territory to be less dear to us than occupied Egyptian territory. Jerusalem, Nablus, El‐Khalil, Jebel el‐Sheik, Gaza, are no less dear to me than Egyptian Qantara or El‐Arish. With this understanding, our policy, therefore, is a positive one as well as a flexible one, but one which holds the final objective to be unchangeable. Therefore, our policy is not to let go of any opportunity to liberate any part of Arab territory wherever it may be

Brothers and Colleagues: You will remember that last March, 1975, Egypt reacted positively to the United States efforts toward reaching a second disengagement agreement which would strengthen the cease‐fire” and lessen the risks of a conflagration in the region. Those efforts were, however, thwarted because of Israel’s intransigence and its inability to accept the challenges of peace.

Notwithstanding this Egypt did not lose its enthusiasm for peace nor its belief in it. For us, peace is a strategic objective a genuine commitment. Therefore subsequently took the decision to reopen the Suez Canal as an expression of our peaceful intentions and of our keenness to facilitate international trade and commerce, and to alleviate the difficulties of many of our friends. We also proceeded Jo reconstruct a major part of the Suez Canal cities, destroyed by the Israeli aggression, and to repatriate to those reconstructed areas the inhabitants who had left them out of fear for their security.”

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