George Clinton

George Clinton - High priest and guiding light for P-Funk. Blowin' Funky minds.

George Clinton - Blowin' Funky minds.
Parliament-Funkadelic High Priest and Guiding light George Clinton – Asking the musical question; “do fries go with that shake?”.

Parliament-Funkadelic – Live at Capitol Theatre, Washington D.C. – Feb. 18, 1978

A blast of Funk, provided by the inimitable, highly legendary and slightly outrageous Parliament-Funkadelic, led by the High-Priest of Blown Minds; George Clinton.

The collective’s origins date back to the doo-wop group the Parliaments, formed by Clinton in the late 1950s in suburban Plainfield, New Jersey. Under the influence of late-1960s artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Sly Stone, and Frank Zappa, Clinton later relocated to Detroit and began the sister groups Parliament and Funkadelic, with the former playing an eclectic and more commercial form of funk, and the latter incorporating more influence from psychedelic rock. The groups released albums such as Maggot Brain (1971), Mothership Connection (1975), and One Nation Under a Groove (1978) to critical praise, and scored charting hits with singles such as “Give Up the Funk” (1976), “One Nation Under a Groove” (1978), and “Flash Light” (1978). Overall, the collective achieved thirteen top ten hits in the American R&B music charts between 1967 and 1983, including six number one hits.

It’s hard to classify what P-Funk is all about – and it’s perfect that way. They are a collective and deft practitioners of Funk on the grand scale. They are unbelievably tight, versatile, mind-blowing – beyond labels and genres. They are truly unique and a one-of-a-kind musical entity.

And to prove it – here is a sample of the 70s incarnation of Parliament-Funkadelic. Recorded in concert at the Capitol Theatre in Washington D.C. on February 18, 1978.

Still around and still blowing musical minds, and whose albums need to be in every serious record collection.

Play loud – it’s time to get Funky.

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