Teenagers - 1962
Now you know what people mean by "good old days".

It’s 1962 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – Your Life Isn’t Complicated – You Don’t Know Why. Past Daily Weekend Pop Chronicles.

Teenagers - 1962

Now you know what people mean by “good old days”.

KRLA – June 1962 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Not always, but every so often life takes a turn for the calm. Maybe it’s you – maybe it’s the world . . .no, it can’t be the world; there’s The Congo and Berlin and Khruschev and Laos – but that’s not in front of you, not running your life. You hear about it on the news, but that’s on the other side of the world, not in L.A. Not staring you in the face.

Your life is okay today – your grades are good, you passed your drivers test, you’re seeing somebody, you have friends. So what are you worried about?

There’s something out there, you just don’t know exactly what, but you have a hunch.

You’re going to be an adult soon – a full-fledged, voting adult. With responsibilities and a job and getting married and buying a house and having kids . . .

That’s scary. You’ve heard it changes people – all of a sudden, life becomes a grind. You’ll never have any fun, ever again. You won’t be able to do something because you feel like it – those days will be over soon. The minute you finish high school your carefree life will be over and then it’s all downhill from there; it won’t be like it once was. You’re convinced.

And here you are – living in L.A.,right in the middle of 1962 and right in the middle of your “good old days” – that’s what you’re going to call them – that’s what everybody calls their last fun days on earth. Before the grind. Before the responsibilities. Before you started worrying about your life.

So you wonder; is everybody miserable when they graduate high school? Does everybody who has a job or a married life or a kid become miserable and they don’t admit it?

That’s going to keep you up most nights – you can feel it in your bloodstream.

But there’s always KRLA – at least you can depend on that. Now, if you could just do something about your imagination. . .

Here’s 45 (or so) minutes of KRLA, as it was beamed into your bedroom, living room or car on June 26, 1962. Taking your mind off things.

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2 Responses

  1. Michael Devich says:

    DJ is Bill Keffury.

  2. Bob Harlow says:

    Bill Keffury and near the end ,a little bit of Sam Riddle
    and Jim Washburn .