Christmas 1977

One More chorus of Jingle-Bell Rock and you're going to kill somebody.

It’s Christmas Eve 1977 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – Holidays Just Ain’t You This Year.

Christmas 1977
Christmas 1977: One More chorus of Jingle-Bell Rock and you’re going to kill somebody.

KROQ – Jimmy Rabbit – December 24, 1977 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

You have to admit, Christmas 2020 will go down in history as the holiday that didn’t happen. But then, you think about it and it has always been a crapshoot one way or the other. There were the good ones, the fun ones, the profound ones and the non-ones.

The good ones and the fun ones happened somewhere between your first and your eighteenth trip around the sun. After that they became profound and then they headed into non-Christmas territory. It’s been a combination of all three ever since.

Face it – having weathered Thanksgiving with your family you’ve barely had time to recover when up pops Christmas and another round of drama, hysteria and well-meaning sweaters that fit when you were nine years old. But times and your body have changed by then – it’s your mom who still thinks you’re nine.

And if you’ve been on the planet long enough, your mind goes back to other Christmases and other awkward moments. 1977 sticks out as a memorable one, maybe not so much for what happened as what didn’t happen.

A non-Christmas, just like this one. You decided you had enough – you were going to stay in bed all Christmas day; leave the phone off the hook – pretend it just didn’t happen. It worked . . .for a while.

This year it’s different – this year you really can’t go anyplace – no drama, hysteria, strange food or memory lapses – just Zoom, text messages and CNN. Trips to the market, where everyone looks like a bank robber and good toilet paper is still hard to find.

And for some reason, you look back at Christmas 1977 and go blank and wistful. But at the time . . .

Maybe 2021 will be different – Christmas 2021 you won’t mind getting a sweater fit for a nine year-old.

While you’re contemplating your current Christmas, here’s a reminder of that other non-Christmas with the late Jimmy Rabbit holding down the fort at KROQ, December 24, 1977.

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