A Child's Christmas In New York

A Child's Christmas In New York - things we took for granted.

The Little Unsaid – A Child’s Christmas In New York – Past Daily Nights At The Round Table: Holiday Edition

A Child's Christmas In New York
A Child’s Christmas In New York – things we took for granted.

The Little Unsaid – A Child’s Christmas In New York – Pat Troise-Skene

Here we are, Christmas Eve 2020. And as promised, offering some traditional, not-so-traditional and previously unheard songs to get you in some semblance of the festive spirit this year.

Carrying on perhaps more in the tradition of Leon Russell’s Slipping Into Christmas than The Mustangs Peace on Earth, The Little Unsaid; a group of brilliantly talented musicians put together by singer-songwriter/producer Elliot Patrick, whose evocative voice and keenly realized production make this particular song an introspective glance at Christmas’s gone by, Christmas’s imagined and Christmas’s hoped for.

Maybe not all happy-dance-around-the-Christmas-tree festive, but one that captures the spirit of the season – one which gets crammed with too many expectations and not enough of the simple but profound things in life – like Christmas eve in Central Park. Christmas may be a time of giving but it’s also a time of looking back and taking stock – gratitude for what we have, reflecting on what we’ve lost.

There’s a lot you can read into this song. It’s not your typical Christmas message, nor was it intended to be. Christmas is different for everybody – we all don’t celebrate the same things in the same way, and The Little Unsaid capture that perfectly.

Maybe I’m a little protective of this song because I know who wrote it and I can trace certain elements to what they mean – those things happen when you are married to the song writer. My wife Pat wrote the song and Elliot Patrick breathed life into it – further evidence music is a collaborative medium and everyone brings something to the table. Pat brought her heart and John brought his soul and together it makes for a haunting yet deeply joyful Christmas.

Enough out of me – enjoy.

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