Repion - in session - 2020

Repion - Making music in the time of pandemic - not giving up the cause. No way - no how.

Repion – In Session – 2020 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Rock Without Borders – Video Edition

Repion - in session - 2020
Repion – Making music in the time of pandemic – not giving up the cause. No way – no how.

Trying something new tonight. Normally, I don’t run video on Past Daily, preferring to stick with sound being the constant. But tonight I wanted to try this out and see if it worked and perhaps add video for future posts.

Last time I posted something about Repion, about two years ago, they were relatively new on the scene and I became an instant fan just by watching and listening to how serious they were about their music and their mission.

In case you missed the earlier post, Repion is a three piece although I understand Diego, the bass player left the band but I haven’t confirmed that, there is only Marina and Teresa Iñesta performing on this session.

Some info via their website:

Repion was formed at the end of 2011 with the union of Diego García (1995) with the sisters Iñesta, Marina (1993), voice and guitar, and Teresa (1996), drums. Thus the band could be consolidated. They like to consider themselves a power-trio of alternative pop-rock, although where they really define their personality is in front of the public, showing their most explosive and felt side. Influenced by highly varied groups and authors, the trio composes their songs on a patch and as a team. They currently (as of this bio from 2016) have two published works, «La Lágrima y La Naranja» (2014) and «Amapola Dueles» (2016), both recorded in the “Moon River” studios of the Santander Stage, directed by Fernando Macaya, as well as several video clips (Querubín, We stumble, etc.), all based on self-production and desktop publishing.

They played a few festivals earlier this year in Spain, acoustic with considerably smaller audiences because of COVID restrictions. But they aren’t putting anything on hold and this latest session, recorded only a few days ago, gives an indication they’re in it for the long haul.


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