Hurula – In Session From Stockholm – 2020 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Rock Without Borders Edition

Hurula - in session Sveriges Radio P3
Hurula – A consistent force behind Swedish punk. (photo: Getty Images).

Hurula – in session at Sveriges Radio P3 – October 20, 2020 – Sveriges Radio, Stockholm –

Over to Sweden tonight for a session by Hurula, recorded live by Sveriges Radio in Stockolm.

With a background in the punk scene, in Masshysteri, Robert Hurula has a rather long history in the Swedish music industry behind him. But when Masshysteri perhaps had more of a niche audience, the solo-project Hurula reaches a broader target group. Everyone that loves Broder Daniel, which is basically all Swedes with any kind of taste, would potentially love Hurula. Dark, moody guitars. Great melodies, with lyrics in Swedish.

Four years after the end of Masshysteri, Robert Hurula returned with a solo album under his last name: Vi Ar Människorna Som Vara Foraldrar Varnade Oss For. The LP achieved wide acclaim in Hurula’s native Sweden and cult adoration in the U.S. Hurula follows that album with the Betongbarn 12”. Three new songs and a cover cut through the ever-present tension of daily life to make us scream and fight. All the songs bursts with conviction, feeling like revenge on a junior high bully. Hurula knows how to craft a hook, like Husker Du or fellow Swedes Jonas Game or Terrible Feelings. “Ge oss natt som ar sant” cuts John Lennon’s “Gimme Some Truth” in half and morphs it into a rager with classic 1960’s girl group-style harmonies.

Hurula previously played in eg The Vicious, Regulations and last Masshysteri who released two brilliant albums in the late 00’s New wave in Sweden and Feral Ward in the U.S.. Mass hysteria broke through the language barrier and they toured despite the songs being in Swedish, both in Europe and the U.S., but after two intense years the band imploded.

Since then, Robert Hurula left Umeå to go to Stockholm and replaced the band community toward creating in his own name. Solo debut was recorded together with Måns Lundberg who also produced Masshysteris final album and most recently Håkan Hellström’s There will never be over for me. This solo debut is a kind of new direction for Hurula’s relentless rock in Swedish, free from trends and must-haves.

Sit down and crank it up.

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