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Cranebuilders- In session for John Peel - photo Marg Bancewicz
Cranebuilders – Music that goes straight to the heart. (wonderful photo by Marg Bancewicz)

Cranebuilders tonight – in session for John Peel and recorded on June 13, 2003 for broadcast on June 24th.

Cranebuilders formed in Liverpool in 2000 and take their name from the city’s former Music Shop Bell & Crane Music, where guitar player Simon Reynolds and singer/guitarist Tommy Roberts used to work and where the band would rehearse before the shop went into receivership.

Cranebuilders have released a number of E.P.s, singles and albums on a number of different record labels, but are mostly associated with Manchester Skinny Dog Records who released their debut album ‘Sometimes You Hear Through Someone Else’ in March 2005 which was recorded by Rob Ferrier. This album was released in North America in January 2006 on Azra Records.

Their association with this label started when Guy Garvey spotted the band performing in Manchester’s Night & Day Café, and was quoted shortly afterwards in a GQ Magazine interview that “Cranebuilders are the most important unsigned band in Britain”. Not only did the band release their debut album on his label, but he sang backing vocals on two of the album’s songs; ‘New Captain’ and ‘She Can’t Find The Words’. The album also featured Vinny Peculiar on acoustic guitar on the song ‘Trouble is’.

Cranebuilders often tour with Skinny Dog co-founder Peter Jobson’s band I Am Kloot.

As of this writing (2021) the band are still, as far as I know, together. Their only album so far was released in 2005.

Over the years the band have performed with (in addition to I Am Kloot): Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs, Cinerama, Elbow, Ella Guru, My Morning Jacket, The Magic Numbers, Lift to Experience, The Hidden Cameras, Adam Green, The Earlies, The Fall, Preston School of Industry, Herman Dune, The New Year and The Hours.

This was their second session for John Peel at BBC Radio 1.


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