Blizzard of '82

The Blizzard of '82 -America's very own Deep-freeze.

January 21, 1982 – A Deadly Kentucky Coalmine Explosion – The Blizzard Of ’82 – Welcome To The Me Generation.

Blizzard of '82
The Blizzard of ’82 – America’s very own Deep-freeze.
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January 21, 1982 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

A coalmine explosion in Kentucky and a blizzard sweeping across the midwest. Just a little of what was going on this January in 1982.
Seven men, including four members of the family, were killed in a blast that a state official said may have been caused by coal-mining explosives.
It was the fourth mining disaster in the Appalachian coalfields in seven weeks. Thirty-one men died.
The coal at the RFH Mining Co.’s No. 1 Mine had been mined with explosives, an old-fashioned but relatively inexpensive technique that also had been used in a mine in nearby Topmost, Ky., where eight people were killed in an explosion the previous month. Officials speculated the Topmost blast may have been caused by a coal-dust explosion as coal was being blasted from its seam.
State Mines and Minerals Commissioner Willard Stanley speculated explosives caused the blast.
The explosion fired debris hundreds of feet and spewed so much coal dust it blackened a hill facing the mine, said Mike Froman, who was on his way to the mine when yellow smoke began pouring from it.

Meanwhile, The Great Blizzard of 1982 paralyzed Minneapolis. The National Weather Service said more than 4,000 drivers were stranded on highways and some schools stayed closed for a week. Roughly 20 inches of snow fell in the city and forecasters were calling this blizzard a 1-in-70 year snow storm.

And according to an advertising survey, the “mid” or Baby-Boom generation was rapidly looking like the “me” generation. The study was conducted to find out how 25-49 year olds (in 1982) felt about where they were going in the next decade. What was determined was that there was a shift in attitude. As the report put it, “it’s as if someone said; you really can’t help the country, you might as well help yourself”.

And that’s a sample of what was going on, this January 21st 1982 as presented by The CBS World News Roundup.

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