Tehran protests

Tehran: The pro and anti Shah tug-of-war got crazy.

The pro and anti Shah tug-of-war got crazy.
Tehran: The pro and anti Shah tug-of-war got crazy.
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With no end in sight and protests continuing and becoming more violent, the situation in Iran on this day in 1979 was anything but resolved. The Pro and Anti-Shah factions were battling it out in the streets of Tehran and it was only escalating with each passing day.  As of this day, the scheduled arrival in Tehran of the Ayatollah Khomeni from Paris was being delayed until Sunday.

Meanwhile, the rest of the news on this January 25th in 1979 came mostly from Capitol Hill with reports on President Jimmy Carter sending Congress his annual Economic message where he stressed that reducing inflation must be the nation’s top priority. Federal Reserve Board Chairman G. William Miller called for austerity measures to be put in place for a time in order to beat inflation. Miller was testifying before the House Budget Committee. The Pentagon, on the other hand, was asking for a record $112 billion dollar Defense budget, saying the Soviet Union was the reason why and he considered even that amount for defense somewhat austere. Needless to say, the Budget battle was going to be a long one for 1979.


Elsewhere in the world – Labor troubles were plaguing Britain and Parliament was being dragged into the fracas over what was termed a deteriorating economic and industrial situation. Pope John Paul II left the Vatican for a tour of The Dominican Republic and Mexico for his first tour of the region since his Pontificate. Middle-East Peace talks were continuing, and continuing, and continuing.

And weather was also in the news, with a record cold wave poised to hit the mid-west.

All that, and a whole lot more for this January 25, 1979 as reported by The CBS World News Roundup, CBS News On The Hour and Walter Cronkite’s News and Analysis.

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