Snowstorm - January 25, 2000

"But . . the computers didn't say anything about snow!"

January 25, 2000 – Mother Nature Fools The Computers – Primary Season In Full Swing – The Great White Wasteland

Snowstorm - January 25, 2000
“But . . the computers didn’t say anything about snow!”
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January 25, 2000 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

January 25, 2000 – Weather and Primaries were making news on this day.

Despite Weather Service computers saying otherwise, the Eastern Seaboard was hit with one of the fiercest blizzards in recent memory. In some areas, as much as 20 inches of snow fell on the ground. The result was spinouts and pileups on the highway, closed schools, perilous conditions and an embarrassed Weather service.

The storm occurred during a mild winter with below-average snowfall across much of the East Coast. The major storm portion began on Friday January 21st; snow started falling on Wednesday. At the time many computers suggested an area of low pressure would develop and track up the East Coast after getting energy from another low pressure system in Canada. But over the weekend, some computer models began to distort the rare idea of a formation with two low-pressure systems colliding and building up quickly. Most meteorologists thought to rename the event as a part of the Big Storm which was occurring in Canada at the time. In fact, most forecasters stopped mentioning snow by Monday January 24th. It turned out the Canadian storm helped build it up. Therefore, the storm’s low-pressure system came from the Northern great lakes, entered over Appalachia, strengthened considerably and went into the North again to collide with the warm front that was approaching.

A dip in the jet stream had created a trough which was causing rain in northern Florida with snow in Georgia. By the morning of the 24th, it was located in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico near Apalachicola, Florida. By the evening of the 24th, the storm was rapidly intensifying against the South Carolina coast. By Tuesday January 25th, it was near Hatteras, North Carolina. The storm moved northeastwards along the Atlantic Seaboard. Later on in the day it was located 80 miles east of Long Beach Island, New Jersey. It then began to weaken and by the next morning on the 26th, it was located just east of Portland, Maine. The storm was poorly forecasted because of the other simultaneous storm events and awkward build-up of two low pressure systems. Further evidence computers weren’t perfect.

In other news – despite the weather, it was still primary season for the upcoming 2000 Presidential election. GOP Candidate George W. Bush scored big in the Iowa caucuses and continued his steady climb toward the nomination, heading next to New Hampshire. For the Democrats, Al Gore trounced rival Bill Bradley in Iowa. Many months to go before November and the story would keep changing all the way to Convention time.

And that’s a small slice of what went on, this January 25, 2000 as presented by The CBS World News Roundup.

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