Protests in Albania

Protests in Albania - That choking, gasping familiarity.

February 10, 1997 – A Matter Of Whitewater – The OJ Civil Trial – Albania Boils Over.

Protests in Albania
Protests in Albania – That choking, gasping familiarity.
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February 10, 1997 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

February 10, 1997 – A typical February day on Planet earth. News from Capitol Hill was about the White Water scandal over President Clinton’s and First Lady Hillary over alleged dealings in a Real Estate invesement. The Whitewater controversy, Whitewater scandal, or simply Whitewater, was an American political controversy during the 1990s. It began with an investigation into the real estate investments of Bill and Hillary Clinton and their associates, Jim McDougal and Susan McDougal, in the Whitewater Development Corporation. This failed business venture was incorporated in 1979 with the purpose of developing vacation properties on land along the White River near Flippin, Arkansas.

On this day the focus of attention was on Susan McDougal, one of the partners in the failed business venture. Allegations arose that McDougal had an affair with the President, casting doubts on McDougal’s claim that the Clinton’s had nothing to do with Whitewater.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, the OJ Simpson Civil Case was winding down with the jury weighing in on the dollar amount the Civil Judgement would levy on the former Football star. Many believed the amount would be in the millions, with Simpson’s attorneys saying Simpson was broke and could’t afford the settlement, no matter how much it was.

And The Albania was busily erupting into a civil war this day in 1997. The government was toppled and more than 2,000 people were killed.It is considered to be either a rebellion, a civil war, or a rebellion that escalated into a civil war. On 26 and 27 January violence erupted in southern Albania towns, such as Vlora. On 30 January the Forum for Democracy was formed by opposition parties to lead the protests. Anger was also directed against Presidet Sali Berisha and the government for allowing a series of pyramid schemes to continue despite IMF advice.As allegations grew that Berisha and others in government had personally profited from the schemes,[ many became convinced that the Democratic Party had to be removed by force. This was especially true in Vlora. On 4 February distribution of a portion of lost money began at the counters of the National Commercial Bank, owned by the state. Rather than quieting the protests, this action increased people’s suspicion. A check for $550,000 paid by the “Gjallica” firm on 7 January to the Socialist Party accelerated the firm’s collapse. On 5 February Gjallica declared bankruptcy and on 6 February violent protests resumed in Vlora. On 9 February state police were attacked in Vlora and a day later, also in the south, 50 Special Forces troops attacked and brutally dispersed protesters.

And that’s only a small slice of what went on, this February 10, 1997 as reported by The CBS World News Roundup.

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