The GOP - Primaries 1996

Pat Buchanan on the GOP: "Take a couple Prozac fellas, an' calm down".

Pat Buchana: "Take a couple Prozac fellas, an' calm down".
Pat Buchanan on the GOP: “Take a couple Prozac fellas, an’ calm down”.
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It was Primary season, this February in 1996. And the news for this February 26th was the campaign of Senator Bob Dole was in big trouble, financially. And with the upcoming Arizona Primary slated for the following day (February 26th in 1996 fell on a Monday, so . . .), the odds-on/coming-up-from-behind favorite was former Nixon speechwriter and ultra-Conservative pundit Pat Buchanan. This sudden turn of events for both the Dole and Buchanan campaigns tossed a proverbial monkey-wrench in the primary season, and the GOP was in an uproar over the possibility that, one more time, the GOP would be hijacked by the hardcore. And the horserace was turned into campaign for survival. Dole remained upbeat – Buchanan chuckled.

But in other news – Cuba was back on the front burner with additional sanctions being considered by the White House in light of an incident involving Cuban jets shooting down two unarmed planes. The Cuban government was reportedly holding one of the pilots, protesting that the planes were trespassing on Cuban air space and had proof it was no accident. The U.S. counter-protested that it was Cuba who was in violation of International air space.

In the Middle East, tensions were high proceeding a terrorist attack the day before, and a truck that plowed into a group of civilians in Jerusalem on this day was determined to be an accident, rather than a terrorist attack, even though bystanders believed it was and shot the driver dead. The driver was identified as a U.S. citizen living in the West Bank.

In Los Angeles, actor Hang Nor, who won an Oscar for this performance in The Killing Fields in 1984 was murdered outside his home.

And above Earth- a satellite on board the Shuttle Columbia, broke from its tether and drifted off into space, making it the second such failure for NASA.

And AOL, Compuserve and Prodigy were expected to appear in court to challenge the new Communications Decency Act, saying the Internet wasn’t like Television, but rather like newspapers and deserved the same First Amendment protection.

And so it went for this day in 1996 – as presented by The CBS World News Roundup for Monday, February 26, 1996.

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