Maika Makovski - in session -2021

Maika Makovski - In times of Social Distancing you do what you can.

Maika Makovski – In Session 2021 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Rock In Times Of Covid

Maika Makovski - in session -2021
Maika Makovski – In times of Social Distancing you do what you can.

Maika Makovski – in session at Effecte Collins – RTVE/RNE España – February 25, 2021 – RTVE, Espanã –

Maika Makovski in session tonight – recorded for Effecte Collins 2021 on February 25, 2021.

Lest you think music is rolling over and dying in the midst of lockdowns, social-distancing and COVID – ‘fraid not. It’s finding a way and it’s getting out there, and maybe you can’t get physical about it, the music is there and the artists are playing it and poring collective hearts over it.

And, to those of you who think Music has hit critical mass and it’s become notes-on-an-assembly-line, I hate to be the bearer of bum tidings, but there’s a lot going on and there are a lot of people making good music, and feeling it and saying things and playing just as tight as ever and sounding just as good live as they do in the studio as they ever have. The only thing missing is the one-on-one energy exchange. Nothing like a band or artist live and in person – though cranking it up on your choice of playback devices is, at the moment, the only alternative we have. Still, thanks to outlets like RNE in Spain and BBC 6 Music and just about every radio/streaming service around the world, we’re staying in touch.

I’ve been following Maika Makovski for a few years now, since around the time of her show-stopping 2009 Primavera sound appearance. She’s a Spanish singer-songwriter – mom is Andalusian and Dad is Macedonian and Maika is a turbo-charged package of thoughts and notes and she’s been doing it since age 14. And in case you were wondering, her English phrasing is spot-on.

This session comes at the release of her latest single “I Live In A Boat”, which just came out a few days ago and has a lot of people talking. There is also an album in the works; her eighth, which she recorded in Tucson (Arizona) and which should be out, if it isn’t already.

This is all further evidence that, even though we’re going through truly vile times, the spirit of creativity and the urge to make music is alive and well and coming out of the walls.

And there’s proof.

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