Americans In Australia - 1942

Americans in Australia - "over-sexed, over-paid, over here".

March 30, 1942 – Americans In Australia – Russian Drives West – Commando Raid At St. Nazaire.

Americans In Australia - 1942
Americans in Australia – “over-sexed, over-paid, over here”.
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March 30, 1942 – Roundup Of War News – NBC Blue Network – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

March 30, 1942. In sharp contrast to news broadcasts via Shortwave from Japanese and German sources, the news coming from America was considerably more upbeat and aimed at maintaining high morale in the midst of this rapidly shifting story.

First came a story about the recent landing of American troops in Australia and how adjustments were being handled by the locals. Their presence was still considered an oddity even though tensions would be on the increase in a short amount of time. This report by Martin Agronsky covers the adjustments the American troops were making to the new surroundings, along with new customs and the sudden popularity of the troops by female inhabitants of the land down-under.

On to the war as it was being waged on the Russian front. The push west by Red Army troops produced the recapture of some 10 towns in a short space of time as well as the encirclement of the German army at Staraya Russa brought about sharp counter-attacks by the Germans, but with little success and German losses were described as heavy. Lord Beaverbrook, in an address over the CBC in Canada declared the Russian battlefront to be the most critical in civilization, adding the hopes for humanity centered on the Russian front and urged that supplies from the west be rushed to the Red Army immediately.

And the Commando raid on the German naval base at St. Nazaire has given a much needed boost to British morale. The swift and well-organized raid did much to damage the German port, taking out one of the German U-Boat nests responsible for threatening Allied shipping all over the Atlantic. It was felt that, considering this raid was so successful, it would lay the groundwork for more such raids in the future.

And that’s just a little of what was happening on this March 30, 1942 as reported by the NBC World News Roundup.

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