Presidential Candidate John Anderson - putting on the bravest of faces.

Presidential Candidate John Anderson - putting on the bravest of faces.
Presidential Candidate John Anderson – putting on the bravest of faces.
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Since April 2, 1980 was right in the middle of Presidential Primary season, most of the news for this day had to do with the recently completed Wisconsin and Kansas Primaries and the telling results.

Carter won handily, putting Ted Kennedy in a distant 2nd place. California Governor Jerry Brown finished way in the back, and was frustrated to the point of quitting the campaign. On the Republican side, Ronald Reagan was looking to be the clear front-runner, while John Anderson was putting on a brave face and vowing to continue, even though his name was not on the ballot in the next two Primaries. Grave doubts were cast as to whether Anderson could financially continue his campaign – and most felt he wasn’t.

But while the Campaign season was in full swing, other news was climbing through the window. The hostage situation in Tehran was continuing with Iranian government spokesmen tossing a few loosely strung carrots in the air with demand for another statement of intent as a pre-condition for negotiations. Nobody at The White House knew what it was the Iranians were holding out for, but Carter did announce he was delaying imposing any new sanctions, based on what he termed ¬†and “encouraging episode”.

On Capitol Hill, the Senate Budget Committee voted 10-8 to boost the President’s Pentagon Spending Bill by $6 billion, even though spending cuts were announced in the Postal Service budget and a certain bet Saturday mail deliveries would likely be a thing of the past soon.

And Baseball was looking doubtful this year as contract negotiations broke down, forcing cancellation of the remainder of Exhibition Season. There was optimism the regular season would start on time, providing talks could continue to a settlement by May 22 -opening day.

All this, and reports of activity around Mt. St. Helens in Washington State was just how April 2nd rolled in 1980, via NBC Radio’s News On The Hour.

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