Harriet Riley and Alex Garden - live at The Louisiana

Harriet Riley and Alex Garden - taking the grand excursion to new vistas.

Harriet Riley And Alex Garden – live at The Louisiana – Sunday Night Social Distance – Music In The Time Of COVID – 2021

Harriet Riley and Alex Garden - live at The Louisiana
Harriet Riley and Alex Garden – taking the grand excursion to new vistas.

Back to the Louisiana in Bristol UK this week for another set from this amazing club that, in light of the current situation of lockdowns and social distancing has found ways to keep it going, and in doing so turning the rest of the world on to what they get to catch every day; amazing talent laying it all out to an audience of none for now.

You might be tempted to call Bristol something of a hotspot; there is some serious talent here and I’m glad it’s getting the exposure via these small intimate sets. It more than lets you know there’s a lot going on all over the world and that music continues to be the common denominator.

Tonight it’s the duo of Harriet Riley and Alex Garden. This is one of many projects the two of them are involved with. Harriet as a solo artist and founding member of the Spindle Ensemble (who have an amazing debut album out and a new one slated for release in May). Alex Garden a member of The Drystones as well as a solo artist. As a duo, Harriet and Alex were slated to play Glastonbury 2020. But the pandemic put a great big foot on those plans. Like many artists who were stifled at the starting gate, it caused for a considerable amount of anxiety over what may have been the launch of promising careers now put on hold until the crisis passes.

Thankfully, with Zoom and livestreaming, a certain amount of momentum is recovered – the only thing lacking is the one on one between artist and audience; that magic bond and energy exchange which makes live performances an integral part of the musical experience. But you have to take what you can get where you can get it and getting the opportunity to sample what, for me is new talent, in the relative comfort afforded being in L.A. and seeing what’s happening in Bristol, or Paris or Berlin or London live is something I never would have dreamed about only ten years ago.

So have a listen, wander over to Harriet Riley’s site or to Alex Garden’s site and grab some CD’s and/or vinyl. They would like that and you get to support the artists. Sounds like a deal. And while you’re at it, head over to the Louisiana’s site and kick in some love.

Enjoy the show and come back next week.

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