Leeches - Live at The Louisiana - 2021

Leeches - Phaser-drenched and ready for the real world - whenever that is.

Leeches – live At The Louisiana – Sunday Night Social Distance – Music In The Time Of COVID – 2021

Leeches - Live at The Louisiana - 2021
Leeches – Phaser-drenched and ready for the real world – whenever that is.

Continuing the year of lockdowns and social distancing. Another night at Bristol’s very own Louisiana and a set from Bournemouth/Bristol fuzzlords Leeches, who have been around since 2016, and like everybody else, all dressed up with no place to go. It was recorded on March 21st.

Here’s a blurb via Circuitsweet in case you aren’t familiar:

Formed in a summer haze back in 2016, LEECHES set out to meld infectious pop hooks and fuzzy alt-rock, and somehow ended up with the perfect mix. Their debut EP, ‘Strange Bonds’ was released in early 2017 via Leisure Records, with the follow up EP ‘WATUSI’ seeing release less than a year later in the early moments of 2018. Both EP’s are a trip through duo’s thoughts and whimsy, blending the trio’s arena-sized guitar licks with their lo-fi bedroom-pop approach to production.

Their singles collection Easy pulls together the odds and ends that Leeches have either lost between sofa cushions or left at the pub over the last few years. As well as last year’s single ‘Flowers in the Garden’ and previously live-only track ‘Bob Ross’, the band have also finally committed to record phaser-drenched holiday-lament ‘Fuerte Ventura’ and the pre-payday psyche-panic of ‘Money’. There will be one track a month from the singles collection till it’s release 3rd July.

Since the success of their releases, the band have headlined raucous shows in London, Bournemouth, Southampton and their adopted home of Bristol, whilst also supporting the likes of Sunflower Bean, The Magic Gang, Sorry, Spring King, Kagoule, Skegss, Ulrika Spacek and many more. LEECHES also emerged victorious at the Bestival ‘Invaders of the Future’ competition, and subsequently wowed, (and maybe confused) festival-goers in the early hours of the morning.

Fingers crossed, the latest rumor is a return to open clubs. Maybe not to capacity, but open anyway. In the meantime, there’s a lot to get caught up on.

Enjoy the show. By the way, it starts 12 minutes in (live feed and all) – so you can skip ahead to around 11:59.

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