April 21, 1941 -Silence Over Greece – News From Tobruk – Keeping Calm And Carrying On In London.

Londoners during the Blitz
London: Keeping calm and carrying on – Sunday Dinner and everything.
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April 21, 1941 – News Of The World – Blue Network – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

April 21, 1941 – News for this day was focused primarily on what was going on in the Mediterranean region. Air activity over Britain the previous night was slight, with only a few bombs dropped in the south and east, but were said to have caused no damage. The situation in Greece was continuing with the British Army’s withdrawal and German and Italian advances toward Athens. The Greek high command issued a statement that the Germans had no broken through the Greek lines that were modified according to plan. Reports reaching London from Libya said the Germans had made seven attacks on Tobruk since the siege began. In the attack mention in the most recent communiqué, the German tanks took the same route taken by the British when they captured Tobruk in January. Twelve of the tanks penetrated the outer defenses but were driven off after four were put out of action. German infantry following the tanks dispersed and withdrew 800 yards when British artillery began shelling them.

Many London families were continuing to live in badly bombed houses. One London paper sent a reporter to investigate how those families were carrying on. In one street that had been badly bombed in the previous weeks big raid, the reporter found families sitting down to Sunday dinners of Lamb, Roast Beef, potatoes and greens, in spite of the fact they had no gas. One housewife explained she cooked dinner on an open fire made with bits of wood salvaged from bombed houses. Whole families, in most cases were living and sleeping in the one room of a house that hadn’t been destroyed. Nearby, another family was living in the kitchen. On another block, in a block of flats whose side was ripped open by a bomb, a third family was living on the top floor. And as one head of the household explained it; “we’re staying put, as Mr. Churchill wants us to”.

And that’s just a little of what happened, this April 21st in 1941 as reported by News Of The World from The Blue Network of NBC.

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