TLK - Live at The Louisiana - 2021

TLK (Tara Lily Klein) - Bringing a breath of fresh air to self-imposed solitude.

TLK – Live At The Louisiana – Sunday Night Social Distance – Music In The Time Of COVID – 2021

TLK - Live at The Louisiana - 2021
TLK (Tara Lily Klein) – Bringing a breath of fresh air to self-imposed solitude.

Continuing our what might be a long-running weekly series of social-distance concerts currently going on in the world. It’s back to The Louisiana tonight for a set by TLK for a dose of soundscape and ethereal gazing into space.

TLK (aka Tara Lily Klein) has been on the scene for a while as a Bristol-based Independent Producer and vocalist. Very much part of the Improvisational movement in Bristol she brings a multi-layered series of intricate sounds, creating a soundscape that is at once contemplative and ultimately a meditation on shapes and sounds.

You really can’t dance to it – nor would you want to. This is music that goes straight to the head via the heart – it’s engaging without being relentless – it envelopes and transports you in tiny almost imperceptible ways.

Sometimes the mission of music is to engage and motivate you – to physically move you by dancing, foot stomping and jumping. But it can also engage and motivate you in subtle, meditative ways. TLK effortlessly accomplishes the latter.

Here is a bit about her via her Spotify page:

“t l k is an independent producer and vocalist based in Bristol, UK. Her sound nests between melantronic soundscapes and vocal downtempo, shaped by Bristol’s improvisation scene and manifested in her introverted moments. Transcendent vocals and intricate sound design are layered with ambient instrumentals, sub infusions and heavy drum hits. t l k creates immersive, transcendent landscapes – through both recorded and live sound – as a means to process trauma, hold the inner child, explore selfhood, and understand the worlds in which we swim. Surrounding herself with a blend of artistic influences in Bristol, London and Hamburg, t l k has morphed into a versatile collaborating vocalist and innovative producer in her own right.”

Check out her various pages and support her where you can – here’s her Facebook page: TLK VOX or her bandcamp page.

In the meantime – enjoy . . .even at a distance.

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