Vianney - Private Concert - RTL - Paris

Vianney - Further evidence Music reaches places nothing else can.

Vianney – In Session – Paris – 2021 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Rock Without Borders/Music In The Time Of Covid.

Vianney - Private Concert - RTL - Paris
Vianney – Further evidence Music reaches places nothing else can.

Vianney – Private Concert – RTL2- Paris – April 16, 2021 – RTL –

Over to Paris tonight for a very private concert put on by French radio RTL in Paris and broadcast live as well as recorded in April of this year.

It’s no secret that this pandemic has had devastating and has possibly done long-lasting damage to music and its access to audiences who are otherwise shut-in or whose venues have been shut, boarded up and largely in danger of never opening again.

At least in some sectors, notably radio, attempts are being made to keep it all current and fresh by staging private concerts and intimate sessions for broadcast or streaming to the mass audience from radio studios or living rooms, anyplace music can be played and heard.

Broadcast concerts and sessions aren’t really new; they been going on for decades, particularly throughout Europe and via “college radio” in the States. But this past year has made these avenues absolutely essential in keeping music alive, and broadcast facilities throughout Europe; BBC 6 Music, RTE in Dublin, VPRO in The Netherlands, Sveriges Radio P3 in Stockholm and RTL2 in Paris are only a few of the outlets doing this critical work.

Tonight its singer-songwriter Vianney in session at RTL2 in Paris – April 16, 2021.

At 24 years old he won the award for performing artist of the year at the “Victoires de la musique 2016” one year after having been named in the up and coming category of the “Victoires de la musique 2015”. His debut album Idées blanches was certified platinum. His second album was released on 25 November 2016 and was certified double platinum.

Born to a father who was a helicopter pilot in the army and a mother who worked in air traffic control, Vianney comes from a family of three brothers. Vianney grew up in music-loving family. Listening to his father sing while playing songs on the guitar by artists such as Georges Brassens, François Béranger, Maxime Le Forestier and Rickie Lee Jones, Vianney discovered a passion for music from the age of 12 and began to write songs from then on. In 2005, his father introduced him to some musician friends with whom he recorded his first track along with his older brother. In 2007, he held his first concert in an auditorium, the New Morning in Paris. He grew up in Paris and studied at Notre-Dame-des-Oiseaux College in the 16th district; where he would write a song of the same name, present on his first album Idées blanches. He then attended the Lycée militaire de Saint-Cyr, where he would spend three years. After his baccalaureate, in 2009, he studied at Paris School of Business, formerly the ESG Management School de Paris, for three more years and later earned a business diploma in London. Finally, he studied styling at École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode (ESMOD), graduating in June 2014. He explained his school life by his “desire to live in different ways”, and believes that these experiences had “opened [his] mind, socially and artistically”.

If you aren’t already familiar, kindly hit the play button and dive in. Remember; the notes are the universal language. Embrace the difference.

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