George Glew - live at The Louisiana

George Glew - up-and -coming. Artists to keep an eye on.

George Glew – Live At The Louisiana – Sunday Night Social Distance – Music In The Time Of COVID – 2021

George Glew - live at The Louisiana
George Glew – up-and-coming. Artists to keep an eye on.

Another Sunday night of Social Distancing at The Louisiana in Bristol, UK. Tonight it’s a set by George Glew, streamed live on February 25.

Regarded by much of the press as an Artist To Watch, George Glew has been getting a lot of traction of late, and a lot of listens to his latest ep via Spotify. Although it’s hard to definitively gauge popularity via Social Media, all signs point to a healthy career start. And if 7 million hits for his latest single Bittersweet is any indication – the future looks bright. How that translates into supporting a career is another thing, but first things first – people like him.

Via his bio:

After the passing of his father in 2019, George used the period to reflect and write, resulting in his latest offering, Gravity EP. The five tracks have an undeniable, real-life feel to them, whilst also being incredibly accessible through his ability to construct and compose songs.

Blending atmospheric guitar work, intricately crafted piano melodies and epic percussive stabs that inexplicably move each track, the arena-sized foundations are laid for George’s vocal delivery. Both gritty, passionate and downright huge, every lyric is sang from the heart.

Without a doubt one of the most exciting up and coming artists around at the minute, multi-instrumentalist, singer song-writer and producer George Glew is one to keep tabs on.

The other big news for Glew is the announcement of his upcoming appearance at the BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend Music Festival May 29-31. Not sure if it’s still on or canceled (conflicting reports, just like wearing masks). I guess that’s something to keep an eye on (and an ear open) for updates.

At any rate, whether there is a BBC Radio Big Music Weekend coming up at the end of the month or not, here is a 30 minute set from a recent Louisiana Social distance gig to give you a taste.

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