Raid over London - May 10, 1941

German Raids ove London - May 10-11, 1941 - some of the worst, but some of the last.

May 10, 1941 – Raids Over London – Raids Over The Mediterranean – Day 615 Of War.

Raid over London - May 10, 1941
German Raids over London – May 10-11, 1941 – one of the worst, but one of the last.
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May 10, 1941 – News of The World – NBC Red Network – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

May 10, 1941 – Day 615 of War – this day brought one of the worst as well as one of the last massive air raids over England by the German air force. Casualties and destruction wouldn’t be known for days if not weeks later, but the devastation was wide spread and the death toll was feared to be high.

Meanwhile, a raid by combined German and Italian planes took place over the Western Mediterranean. A large British convoy leaving Gibraltar for Alexandria was spotted by an Italian scouting plane who relayed the message to an Italian air base, scrambling pilots despite bad weather which would normally prevent such a raid from occurring. Five Italian bombers, along with a fighter escort shortly began their initial attack. The weather which consisted of high winds and limited visibility was overcome as the bombers ducked below cloud cover to begin their attack. The convoy consisted of many merchant ships, escorted by two Battleships, an aircraft carrier along with several cruisers and destroyers. Damage from this initial raid was considered light, but the initial group of planes was joined by other Italian Air Force planes as well as a group of German bombers. It was also reported German planes attacked British ships just outside of Malta. One submarine was destroyed and a torpedo boat was damaged. It was also reported Italian troops were occupying several islands in the Aegean Sea. In North Africa, artillery action was reported around the area of Tobruk. The communique continued that Italian forces in East Africa were putting up stiff resistance in the face of Allied pressure.

And that’s just a small slice of what went on, this very busy May 10, 1941, Day 615 of War in Europe as reported by NBC’s News Of The World.

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