Spring has its drawbacks

Spring has its drawbacks.

It’s Spring 1978 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – You Want Summer And You Want It Now.

Spring has its drawbacks
Spring has its drawbacks.

KMET-FM – B. Mitchel Reed – March 30, 1978 – Rob Frankel Collection –

It’s Spring – it’s 1978 and its pouring rain. You’re stuck in it – L.A. is like that. Come January there are days when it hits the 80s, sometimes 90s – just enough to convince you Summer got here early. But no – just as you’re about to make plans for the weekend it hits. Temperature drops 30 degrees overnight and it starts to rain on your way to school. And it rains – and it keeps raining and you want it to be Summer – you want it to be 90 degrees – you want to be somewhere between Malibu and the County Line. You don’t want to be soggy and freezing – you don’t own an umbrella, you refuse to own an umbrella. If you owned an umbrella that would mean it would be raining all the time – and you could live in Seattle to do that.

You’re on the bus and the air is thick with the smell of wet hair. Your jacket isn’t waterproof and the girl sitting next to you is leaning her head against the window, blowing her breath on the glass, fogging up the outside world. She didn’t bring an umbrella either. Nobody wants it to be Spring anymore – nobody wants Fog and Low Clouds, like every day in June. Just cut to the chase and bring Summer – that’s all we ask – make it July.

And you always forget it’s like this, every year – like clockwork.

At least you have KMET and BMR to take your mind off how damp you are. Maybe the music isn’t warming the body but it’s warming the soul and you can go with that.

And to remind you of rainy Spring days in L.A. in 1978, here is BMR on his day back from vacation on March 30, 1978 – thanks to Rob Frankel and his trusty tape recorder.

It’ll be July soon – promise.

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