Leon Jaworski

Leon Jaworski - Nixon wasn't making the job any easier.

May 20, 1974 – “The President is Making A Farce Of The Special Prosecutors Office” – Leon Jaworski

Leon Jaworski
Leon Jaworski – Nixon wasn’t making the job any easier.
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May 20, 1974 – with all the news during the Watergate Scandal, there never seemed to be any lack of sudden upheavals in the White House. The Watergate scandal was dragging on, almost two years since the initial break-in. As revelations continued to appear, a Special Prosecutor was called in. After the first Special Prosecutor, Archibald Cox was fired, in what became known as The Saturday Night Massacre, a second Special Prosecutor was appointed, Leon Jaworski assumed the position after considerable criticism of Nixon for Cox’s firing. News for this day was the continuing issue of the tapes, and the ongoing efforts to stall their release. On this day Nixon agreed to the release of 64 tapes, a far cry from the complete inventory Jaworski had asked for. Eventually, Jaworski would ask the Supreme Court to intervene and rule Nixon was required to hand over the remaining tapes.

And there was other news – on this day the kidnapped newspaper heiress Patty Hearst was now considered a fugitive after she was identified attempting to rent an apartment for her and the other members of the SLA.A distraught landlord identified Hearst as the one who pulled a gun on her and threatened to kill her if she didn’t rent her an apartment, despite the fact that the now-terrified landlord repeatedly told her she had nothing available. So now Patty was wanted for attempted Murder.

But the big news was still the ongoing Watergate investigation and the many twists and turns the process was taking. The grumbling undercurrent of calls for impeachment were growing in number from both sides of the aisle, as new wrinkles in the case were appearing. It was not a done-deal – not an overnight series of discoveries and a unanimous call for impeachment. This was only May. The end of the road to the nations long nightmare still had a ways to go.

All that, and much-much more for May 20, 1974 as reported by NBC Nightly News.

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