Lebanon - 1983

The Civil War in Lebanon - Glimmers of hope, cautious sighs of relief. (Photo: Ramzi Hadid)

May 21, 1983 – Israel-Lebanon Peace Feelers – About The Weather In Texas – Reagan calls for an end to Federal Aid to Education – Car Bombing In Pretoria.

Lebanon - 1983
The Civil War in Lebanon – Glimmers of hope, cautious sighs of relief. (Photo: Ramzi Haidar)
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May 21, 1983 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

May 21, 1983 – Peace feelers in Lebanon for this day. U.S. Special Envoy Philip Habib was in Egypt to meet with officials over a possible peace settlement that included Israeli withdrawal of troops from Beirut and a demand from Egypt that Syria also pull out of Lebanon. It was a first step that would hopefully include other Arab nations, based on Egypts lead in the peace process. It was now up to both Habib and Mubarak to make the pitch to the other Arab countries to being the peace settlement for Lebanon one step closer to reality.

Weather was making news back in the U.S. as severe storms were raking across Texas and Louisiana. Residents were busy digging out of a series of Tornados that cut such a wide swath across both states that damage estimates were hard to assess, although several sources said it was in the high millions. Meanwhile, heavy rain was expected to continue across the Southern states with many areas under a flash-flood watch. So far, heaviest hit was the Houston area in Texas with some 18 twisters sweeping across and killing at least ten people it their wake and leaving hundreds of thousands without power. So far the damage was estimated to be greater than that left by Hurricane Carla in 1961.

President Reagan was expected to use the occasion of a college commencement speech at Seaton Hall University in South Orange New Jersey to defend his view that more Federal Aid to Schools didn’t necessarily mean better education. He was also calling for a return to “basics” in schools as well as a return to voluntary Prayer and tax credits for parents who sent their children to Private Schools.

And Pretoria South Africa was scene of the latest car-bombing that claimed (as of this newscast) some 17 lives and Pretoria Police were saying it could go higher. Over 200 were reported to be injured with some in serous condition. South African officials were blaming Black Nationalist guerrillas for the attack and said the government would not hesitate to launch more pre-emptive strikes against African National Congress bases in neighboring countries to prevent “further atrocities such as the previous days bomb explosion in Pretoria”.

And that’s just a small slice of what happened, this May 21st in 1983 as reported on the CBS World News Roundup.

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