Your High School Romance Meter - stuck at zero.

Face it - she's just not that in to you.

It’s 1971 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – You’re Graduating High School – Love Is Not Jumping Through Your Window Any Lifetime Soon .

Your High School Romance Meter - stuck at zero.
Face it – she was just not that in to you.

KRLA – Russ O’Hara – February 23, 1971 – Rob Frankel Collection –

You’re coming up on your fiftieth high school reunion. 1971 was one of those distant uncomfortable memories; you forgot just about everything that happened. And maybe that’s a good thing – but through the wonder-world of Social Media you have come face to face with a veritable file cabinet of cringeworthy moments, all compliments of your friends and classmates who have hunted you down and plastered your Facebook page with pictures and stories. Pictures that zap you back to moments in time, complete with cold sweats and pained expressions. Moments you still get a pang of anxiety recalling. Stories that have your eyes rolling like a slot machine hitting lemons.

Like HER, for example (or HIM – since cringeworthy is an equal opportunity employer of awkward feelings). The one you fantasized yourself right into hysteria over. The one who occupied most of your mind the better part of three years. The one who thought you were a complete idiot – the one you were completely terrified to say anything to. THAT one.

Some people, and most of your friends it seemed, had no trouble zoning in, starting conversations, making moves and hooking up. Not you. You became Jell-o when you got within fifteen of her. You don’t know why. Well . . .yeah, you do. She knew who you were because High School was one big fish-tank and everybody knew everybody else, and her friends knew you and they talked about you. They smirked, they snorted, she shot poison darts – you made casual inquiries and they all said the same thing: “She’s not into you at all”. You were devastated, but you were still nervous because you thought, somewhere in the back of your haywire mind, things could change. They never did. You graduated – your life went on – it went to a world of different places and SHE became a distant memory.

And you just found out she’s coming to the reunion. And like magic, fifty years vanish within seconds – those wrinkled, age-spotted weather-beaten hands are now sweating gallons. Coming up on Sixty-seven years old and your stomach is doing backflips. There is just no end to you.

Sometimes, time doesn’t matter for even a second.

And to help you through that minefield of awkward moments, here is an hour’s worth of Russ O’Hara from KRLA on February 23, 1971 – with a special thanks to Rob Frankel for knowing just where the gems are.

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