Kosovo Refugees

Refugees from Kosovo - Stuck in the middle of madness.

May 25, 1993 – A Multitude Of Chinese Spies – A Deluge Of Kosovo Refugees – The Tumors From Your Cellphone

Kosovo Refugees
Refugees from Kosovo – Stuck in the middle of madness.

May 25, 1993 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

May 25, 1993 – Contrasting news, this day. A long-awaited report on Chinese spying was to be released on Capitol Hill – the report, which contended China had flooded U.S. Nuclear weapons labs with spies brought an abrupt denial from Beijing. The report, which indicated spying activities began 20 years earlier, but was the failure of the Clinton Administration to move quickly when the first evidence emerged that had many on Capitol Hill concerned. The White House flatly denied that spying activity was ongoing and that Energy Secretary Bill Richardson pointed to increased security which had been the fault of administrations before Clinton got it. However, there was a question as to why it took a year for the Clinton Administration to act after information of spying activities was received. Finger pointing and secrets missing.

Investigators were combing the area around Fairfield Connecticut where an Amtrak passenger train struck and killed a mother and three children walking along the tracks in the pre-dawn hours. A fourth child was critically injured. Investigators were poring through Napsacks, books and papers scattered over a wide area around the accident searching for any clues in what many in the small community were saying was a devastating tragedy that had never happened before.

Buses rolled across the border into Macedonia carrying a new wave of refugees from the intensifying Serb Ethic cleansing campaign in Kosovo. They were arriving by bus and by train in what one relief official described as a “wall of people” in a no-mans land between Kosovo and Macedonia. According to one relief official at the border, up to 15,000 Kosovo Albanians crossed into Macedonia, bringing the total number in three days to nearly 30,000. This latest flood of refugees has threatened to stretch thin the humanitarian resources available.

And a BBC-TV Documentary revived speculation there may be a link between cellphone use and Brain cancer. The program focused on preliminary research that found a correlation between cellphone use and an increased risk of developing Brain tumors. The research suggested heavy use increased the chances of developing a brain tumor by 2 1/2 times. But the research also suggestion a larger study was required to draw a definite conclusion. Until then, the researchers suggested using low-emission devices or hands-free accessories.

And that’s just a tiny slice of what happened, this May 25, 1993 as reported by The CBS World News Roundup.

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