Hanging Out - Spring 1972

Cooler than you and your friends they don't make.

It’s Spring 1972 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – Wolfman Jack Speaks To You In A Language Only You And Your Friends Understand.

Hanging Out - Spring 1972
Hanging Out: 1972 – Cooler than you and your friends they don’t make.

You have these friends – you’re all really serious. You think a lot of things are silly – you think high school is silly – you think a lot of people are silly. Life is about serious issues and deep concepts; all the time. You read a lot. You can quote from Soul On Ice. You get involved. You tried to start a chapter of SDS at your school – you’ve demonstrated against the War. You almost got busted at the March down Wilshire last year. You swear you’re going to burn your draft card when you turn 18. Your friends feel the same way. You all get together behind the cafeteria at lunch and smoke – one of you keeps a lookout for the Boys VP. He doesn’t like you – he doesn’t like your friends. The jocks don’t like you or your friends either. You feel like you’re on the outside and that nobody understands you – and that’s okay. You don’t want to be like everybody else – you’re convinced you’re from another planet.

Even what you listen to – they all listen to KMET or KLOS. Not you – You’re a diehard Wolfman Jack follower and XPRS is your go-to station. Soul music speaks to you – Marvin Gaye speaks to you – Brenda and The Tabulations speak to you. Bubblegum doesn’t speak to you – laid back, peaceful-easy-feeling doesn’t speak to you either. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised speaks to you. You know too much – you are too hip – you are way too cool for the room. If you could just get your hair to work . . .

On the player is a one-hour snippet of Wolfman Jack, as he appeared on his last show over XPRS, April 15, 1972 before heading to Los Angeles to do a stint over KDAY and become immortalized by way of syndication. Hit the play button and howl at the moon when you get a chance. (sorry about the rather tinny sound – it WAS AM after all)

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