Superfood - BBC Introducing - 2017

Dominic and Ryan of Superfood - currently in extended limbo.

Superfood – In Concert – 2017 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Superfood - BBC Introducing - 2017
Dominic and Ryan of Superfood – currently in extended limbo.

Superfood – In concert at BBC Radio 1 – Big Weekend – Introducing Stage – May 27, 2017 – BBC Radio 1 –

Superfood in concert at the 2017 BBC Radio Big Weekend. Live from the BBC Introducing Stage on May 27, 2017.

A little rundown on the band via Bob Wacey of Allmusic:

Featuring Dominic Ganderton (vocals, guitar), Ryan Malcolm (vocals, guitar), Emily Baker (bass), and Carl Griffin (drums), Birmingham, England pop ensemble Superfood combine bright vocal melodies and playful lyrics with Brit-pop-infused guitars and garage rock percussion. While producing for fellow Midlands bands such as Peace and Swim Deep, Ganderton was also writing his own compositions. Aiming to put an ensemble together to take his material live, he formed Superfood in late 2012 with Malcolm, Baker, and Griffin, friends he had met on the local weekend party scene two years previously. With a number of songs under their belt, Superfood went on to put out their debut EP — titled MAM — in 2013. The quartet made its way onto the live scene the same year, with the group’s fan base burgeoning after an appearance at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton, followed by an opening slot in Paris for American pop act Fun. They went on to sign with Infectious and put out their debut full-length, Don’t Say That, in late 2014. The album received positive reviews, with some critics comparing the band’s sound to that of Beck and AM-era Arctic Monkeys. The group promoted the record on a European tour before returning to the studio. Superfood signed with Dirty Hit for their sophomore effort, 2017’s Bambino. The record boasted sleeker production techniques than its predecessor and featured the anthemic singles “Unstoppable” and “I Can’t See.” Superfood also headed out on tour with labelmates Pale Waves and King Nun in 2017.

Since the bio was written in 2017 (around the same period as this concert), the band announced in April of 2019 that their last gig would be at Scala in London on April 22 and they would be going on an extended hiatus. Or as the band put it via Facebook:

“We are playing what could potentially be our last show for a long time at Scala on the 22nd of April. Right now the cogs of superfood have slowed down and it’s time to go away and get a clear our heads before we can give you something we’re truly happy with again. During our time away we’ll be constantly writing and exploring other projects we’ve wanted to do for a while. It’s all love and we love you for always being there but sometimes you have to stand back and re-evaluate because this stuff is hard to do. So come celebrate our albums ‘Don’t say that’ and ‘bambino’ have a huge party and drink seven million beers. Love Dom and Ryan xxx”

As a reminder of Superfood and hopes for a rest and regroup before jumping back in, here’s their 2017 BBC Introducing gig as it was heard over BBC Radio 1.


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