June 1, 1996 – A March For Children In Washington – A Standoff In Montana – Worries Over Bibi

March For Children - June 1, 1996
March For Children – Despite the obvious, a need for reminders.
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June 1, 1996 – CBS World News Roundup – KNX-Los Angeles – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

June 1, 1996 – starting a new month off with a March for Children in Washington D.C. – With both parties claiming the mantle of family values, a rally this weekend to lament the plight of children in America has become an election-year battleground.

The rally, at the Lincoln Memorial on Saturday, was conceived by Marian Wright Edelman, president of the Children’s Defense Fund, as a way to demonstrate concern for the 69 million Americans under the age of 18. She contends that their problems have been largely overlooked by the Government and by many adults.

Mrs. Edelman said she viewed the rally as nonpartisan and hoped it would be a turning point in the nation’s attitudes. She said the event, called Stand for Children, could crystallize support for the children’s movement as the 1963 march on Washington did for civil rights.

But political groups on the right criticized the rally as a defense of “big government” programs that perpetuate dependence and poverty. Kenneth R. Weinstein, a policy analyst at the Heritage Foundation, said Stand for Children “might better be dubbed the last stand for big government,” because its organizers seek to “expand the welfare state.”

Meanwhile, out west: The Montana Freemen, an anti-government group based outside the town of Jordan, Montana, who referred to their land as “Justus Township” declared themselves no longer under the authority of any outside government. They became the center of public attention when they engaged in a prolonged armed standoff with agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. On this particular day during the 10th week of the standoff, the FBI was moving in several intimidating assault vehicles and military helicopters saying they might be used in a rescue operation. The FBI however still chose not to cut off electricity to the ranch, saying having electricity gave the group access to TV news showing pictures of the military hardware moving in place. Just a little pressure.

And the election in Israel which brought Benjamin Netanyahu to the forefront as Prime Minister had Arab neighbors worried. The hard-right leaning Prime Minister was seen as a major obstacle in the fragile peace process with many fearing it would be dismantled almost immediately. Netanyahu was walking a precarious tightrope; mindful of not alienating the U.S. or Arab neighbors but also making good his promise to voters of not giving in to any Arab demands, essentially opposing Land-For-Peace.

And that’s only a sample of what went on, this first day of June 1996 as presented by the CBS World News Roundup via KNX in Los Angeles.

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