Coup In Guatemala - 1993

Serrano Ouster - Joy in the streets of Guatemala - for now.

June 2, 1993 – Ouster Of Serrano – Riots In Solingen – Hostile Hallways In America’s Schools

Coup In Guatemala - 1993
Serrano Ouster – Joy in the streets of Guatemala – for now. (photo: Getty Images)
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June 2, 1993 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

June 2, 1993 – Guatemalan President Jorge Serrano was forced to step down today under heavy pressure from the military. The ouster followed day-long meetings that included business and political leaders opposed to Serrano’s week-old attempt to assume near-dictatorial powers.

Politicians said the powerful military, which has dominated life here for decades, apparently determined that Serrano’s situation was untenable because popular unrest would grow without a quick and democratic solution to the country’s constitutional crisis.

The military, in an announcement earlier, said that “taking note of national sentiment and responding to the popular clamor for reestablishment of constitutional order,” it was taking effective control of the country pending the outcome of congressional deliberations over the presidential succession. More to unfold.

Meanwhile, in Solingen Germany – Chanting “Nazis out!” and “We’ll burn you out!,” about 300 Turks earlier the day before smashed nearly every storefront window along a half-mile stretch of the inner city, destroyed street signs, shattered bus stop shelters and burned tires and mattresses.

Nearly 700 police officers waded into the protesting crowd, swinging nightsticks. Police reported 17 arrests and several injuries.

Last night, the violence resumed after 3,000 people, about evenly divided between Germans and Turks, gathered in Solingen for a benefit concert for victims of the attack. Despite police efforts to screen every car entering the city for weapons and rowdies, Turkish youths threw stones and chanted, “We want Nazi blood.”

And in the first study of its kind, disturbing new figures of sexual harassment in schools revealed four out of five teenagers said they were the targets of sexual harassment with some 85% of girls and a surprising 76% of boys between the 8th and 11th grades experienced unwanted sexual taunts or physical contact, according to a study just released by the American Association Of University Women. One out of every four girls said the harassment came from teachers or other school employees. The report called “Hostile Hallways” was to be used to launch workshops and other educational efforts so students didn’t have to learn about sexual harassment the hard way.

And that’s just a little of what happened, this second day of June in 1993 as presented by The CBS World News Roundup.

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