Supreme Court Nominee Bruce Babbitt

Supreme Court Nominee Bruce Babbitt - Assured of a shoe-in.

June 7, 1993 – A Supreme Court Nomination – The Same Old Economy – Potential New Faces In The L.A. Mayor’s Office.

Interior Secretary Designate Bruce Babbitt
Supreme Court Nominee Bruce Babbitt – Assured of a shoe-in.
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June 7, 1993 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

June 7, 1993 – By all accounts, a reasonably slow news day. On Capitol Hill Confirmation hearings were a soon-coming item of business with President Clinton’s nomination of former Arizona Governor, Arizona Attorney General, Presidential Candidate and sometime TV actor Bruce Babbitt tagged for the job of Supreme Court Justice, replacing outgoing Justice Byron White who was retiring. There was widespread approval of the nomination, leading some to speculate Babbitt would be a shoe-in for the job. The Confirmation process was not expected to reveal few if any surprises.

The Senate was reconvening after is Memorial Day recess this day. Expected as debate and discussion on President Clinton’s Tax Package. Reacting to strong signals from Senators and the opinion polls, Clinton was planning on revising his plane to put more emphasis on spending cuts and less on Taxes in the President’s Deficit Plan. Administration officials indicated that new spending cuts would replace whatever dollars are taken from the Tax. They say so-called Entitlement Programs, including such politically volatile areas as Social Security and Medicare would have to be cut further.

Kay Bailey-Hutchison became the newest Republican Senator from Texas after winning a Special election. By a 2-1 margin, Hutchinson defeated incumbent Democratic Senator Bob Kruger who had lost two prior Senate races. They were vying to finish the year and a half left in the term of Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen. While Republicans say Hutchison’s victory sends a clear anti-tax message to The White House, some felt it may have to do with choice of candidates. Even with Hutchinson’s victory, Democrats still hold the lead in the Senate, but it may be harder for President Clinton to get all the votes necessary to pass his Tax plan.

And Los Angeles was gearing up for a Mayoral election the next day. Councilman Mike Woo and millionaire-challenger Richard Riordan were heading down to the wire and many felt the outcome would be based solely on the strength of Woo and Riordan’s performance in the debate held the night before. Politics and turns-of-phrase.

All that, and a lot more for this June 7, 1993 as presented by The CBS World News Roundup.

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