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Asian Dub Foundation - Glastonbury 2000
Asian Dub Foundation – Diversity tapping into consciousness – laying out the possibilities.

Asian Dub Foundation – Live At Glastonbury – June 24, 2000 – BBC Radio –

Asian Dub Foundation to shake things up a bit. In concert at Glastonbury 2000 – recorded on June 24,2000 by the BBC.

Asian Dub Foundation (ADF) was formed in summer 1993 from an education workshop run by Aniruddha Das (bass, programming) and assisted by John Pandit (mixing) which was attended by rapper Deeder Zaman. This early line-up released the sound-system based Conscious EP in late 1993 on Nation Records. Guitarist/programmer Steve Chandra Savale was invited to join in early 1994 and ADF became more of a band format. Sanjay Tailor joined the band as live midi/programmer and DJ soon after. This completed the full live line-up of the band and their debut album Facts and Fictions was released in late 1995, following the single “Rebel Warrior”.

Initially not widely known in a UK music scene focused on Britpop, the band toured in mainland Europe and gained a substantial following, particularly in France where their French-only release R.A.F.I. sold 100,000 copies. In early 1997 the band was signed by London Records. Their British profile was upped considerably by the support of Primal Scream with whom the band began to tour regularly. Their second album Rafi’s Revenge (1998) combined punk energy with a jungle/reggae core and was nominated for a Mercury Prize. The single “Naxalite” was an ode to the militant Naxalite movement in India. Tours to the United States (with the Beastie Boys) and Japan followed.

Their following album, Community Music, developed their sound further and received a 10/10 review in NME. In 2000, ADF played a slot on Glastonbury Festival’s Pyramid stage (the gig you’re hearing now). At the end of 2000, Deeder Zaman announced his plans to go solo, his last gig being at Alexandra Palace alongside Primal Scream and Ian Brown.

In case you forgot – or would like a reminder – hit the play button, crank it up and dive head-first into Glasto 2000.

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