Lebanon Civil War-Beirut - Photo: Catherine Leroy

Beirut - The endless succession of flareups and bodies (photo: Catherine Leroy)

June 28, 1977 – Wrinkles Over The West Bank – Flareups In Beirut – Getting Intense In Rhodesia

Lebanon Civil War-Beirut - Photo: Catherine Leroy
Beirut – The endless succession of flareups and bodies. (photo: Catherine Leroy)
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June 28, 1977 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

June 28, 1977 – Flareups, negotiations and outbreaks for this day in June 1977. News from Beirut that a flareup in fighting between rival militias broke out overnight, with a reported 11 dead and over 30 wounded. As of dawn fighting was dying down but wasn’t over. A ceasefire was put into effect around Palestinian refugee camps, but was struggling to hold. Fighters from both sides were still in position behind sandbags and bunkers at the edge of Beirut. This latest round of fighting largely began with an explosion in the offices of a pro-Syrian Guerrilla group. The commandos from that group then clashed with radical Rejection Front Guerrilla group, representing the PLO’s extreme left-wing. Mortar and machine gun fire continued until dawn. The groups were vying for influence in some of Lebanon’s largest refugee camps. The had traditionally been The Rejection Front’s garrison, but in recent months Pro-Syrian Guerrillas have moved their offices and gun positions closer to the heart of Beirut camps.

In Israel – ahead of his first visit to Washington, Prime Minister Menachem Begin was facing a potential breakdown in peace negotiations over Israel’s position on The West Bank and Gaza. Although both governments were playing to snag down, there was concern damage could be done. The day before, The State Department issued a statement saying Israel should withdraw from all occupied Arab lands as a means of securing peace. The Begin government was insisting the West Bank region be exempt from negotiations. The meeting between Prime Minister Begin and President Carter was schedule to take place on July 19th. So far, there was no official response to the State Department declaration, but off-the-record there were expressions of deep concern, going as far as intimating if Begin didn’t change the Israeli position on the occupied lands, there would be no point in having the Prime Minister come to Washington at all. Breath was held – fingers were crossed.

The White Minority government of Rhodesia said the guerrilla war in that country was intensifying. It’s latest military communiqué reported the death of 45 insurgents in the 3-day period that ended the day before, along with the deaths of four members of the security forces. The government also said a record number of Whites left Rhodesia in May because of the mounting conflict and the drafting of White civilians.

And that’s just a little of what happened, this June 28th 1977 as reported by The CBS World News Roundup.

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