Ode to Annie Green Springs

Your ode to Annie Green Springs Apricot Splash went a little haywire.

It’s October 1972 – You’re A Teenager – You’re In High School – You Live In L.A. – You Have Discovered Annie Green Springs.

Ode to Annie Green Springs
Your ode to Annie Green Springs Apricot Splash went a little haywire.

KROQ-AM/FM – Jim Wood Program – October 31, 1972 – Ellis Feaster Collection –

You consider yourself one of the “good kids”. Smoked marijuana only once (and didn’t like it). Smoke cigarettes only when someone else has them and gives you one. Only got drunk once in your life – at a cousin’s wedding, but you hated the taste of champagne. The smell of Scotch makes you gag – and you’ve never so much as looked sideways at a Quaalude.

You’re healthy – you sleep eight hours a night. You don’t eat junk food and you do Yoga every morning. You’ve never been to a anti-War protest, never handed out a flyer. Have gone as far as second base, but still want to be a virgin come wedding time. You’re on the Girls Volley Ball team and next semester you’re going to try out for the swim team. Magazines should devote entire issues to you – you are the perfect specimen of what healthy American teenagers are all about.

Until one of your team mates gets hold of a bottle of Annie Green Springs Apricot Splash. You get the sales pitch – tastes just like fruit juice – doesn’t even taste like wine – you can drink it all day – she’ll split a bottle with you.

You decide to give it a try – if it’s bad you’ll take one sip and throw the rest away.

So at lunch period you unwrap the Avocado/Bean Sprout sandwich slathered with Lecithin Mayonnaise on Whole Oat bread – with slices of Jicama with Almond Butter and unscrew the thermos cap of Apricot Splash.

It tastes just like Apricot Juice. Your friend wasn’t kidding – after a few swigs you think it goes perfectly with your lunch and you swear up and down it has nothing to do with wine and your friend must’ve been joking – a few more swigs and you wonder where your friend is with the bottle. You down the rest of the thermos and suddenly life becomes extremely funny and you have an overpowering urge to sing.

And it goes sort of blank from there.

The next thing you know you’re home, in your bed. It’s dark and your clothes are all over the floor. You remember the room has stopped spinning but you don’t remember too much else other than how well it went with your Avocado/Bean Sprout sandwich.

You’ll have to see what else it goes with – starting tomorrow.

And while the Odyssey of Annie Green Springs rambles on – here is the short-lived initial incarnation of KROQ (AM&FM) featuring Jim Wood and a pack of DJ’s straight from KHJ along with promos of an upcoming concert promising to be the ultimate event of 1972. And on top of everything, it’s Halloween.

Welcome to the 70s.

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