Molly - live in Copenhagen

Molly - Proof ain't nothin' rotten in Denmark.

Molly – Live In Copenhagen – 2019 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Rock Without Borders

Molly - live in Copenhagen
Molly – Proof ain’t nothin’ rotten in Denmark.

Molly – live at Byhaven, Copenhagen Denmark – August 28, 2019 – band soundboard –

Molly live on home turf in Denmark tonight. Recorded at Byhaven, right in the middle of Copenhagen on August 28, 2019.

Molly are a punk band from Denmark, but if the phrase “Danish punks” that floats around US music blogs a lot makes you think of Iceage and Lower, know that Molly are nothing like that. Unlike their darker neighbors, Molly pull from the uplifting alternative rock of late ’80s Husker Du and Dinosaur Jr.

The problem you often face with bands overseas is; you hear about them, you hear them and you aren’t really able to find out anything about them. Bio information on Molly is sketchy at best. Although one of the co-founders and writers for the band is Malte Hill, who has been doing some solo work of late in addition to his duties with Molly.

As of 2019 (the time of this gig), the band had issued a new album, Stay Above in 2017 – and of course with COVID put a big damper on all kinds of things, including live music, I don’t know how extensive this tour was, if in fact it was a tour. I have no idea how the album is going – I understand they signed a deal with the Australian label Ratbag, who released Stay Above. They were turned on to the label by the Australian band Dune Rats with whom they gigged around with on a recent tour. Their debut album was Peach Melba, which you can hear via Soundcloud. Unfortunately, no more bio information on the band.

Kind of frustrating since you run across a band who have caught your ear and you want to find out all you can so you can let the audience know and have some opportunities to hear more. But you take what you can get.

In any event, hit the Play Button and dive in for the next 38 minutes or so and get a taste of what’s happening in Denmark these days. Apologies for the appalling lack of knowledge on my part.

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