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Drugstore Romeos in session
Drugstore Romeos – Chafing at the bit to emerge from their bedrooms to the world.

Drugstore Romeos – in session at X-Radio, London – July 9, 2021 –

Drugstore Romeos in session at X-Radio in London on July 9, 2021. In lieu of full-length tours and a quickly filling itinerary, bands are still (for the most part) taking it cautious – and with talk of the rise in cases and a possible eye to another shutdown, artists and bands are trying to dig out in any way they can. Thankfully, radio is coming to the rescue in many cases – and X-Radio, which is an independent station in London, offers a similar opportunity to those offered by BBC 6 Music; sessions and conversation with an eye on promotion and potential sales and small gigs around town. It’s not going back to the way it was for any time soon – but this is at least something. In this case, it’s promoting their debut album “The World Within Our Bedrooms” which was issued on July 9th.

The now London-based band get their name from the Tennessee Williams play A Streetcar Named Desire and have their own unique style and sound that grabs from genres including trip-hop and shoegaze. There is no doubt they have come out swinging with a debut that puts across their uniqueness and colors outside the lines to create a world of their own that listeners are free to enter.

And that world within their bedrooms’ is well worth getting absorbed in as it takes last year’s introductory single ‘Frame Of Reference’ and runs with it into a new realm of musical muster. If fans and new listeners liked the aforementioned single, they’re bound to get wrapped up in the album.

So for the next best opportunity to seeing them live, here are Drugstore Romeos on the John Kennedy program from July 9th with tracks off the album as a teaser and an invitation to head over to their site and pick one up.

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