Refugees from Hungary

Refugees from Hungary - 200,000 and counting.

July 30, 1957 – A Year After The Revolt In Hungary: Refugees – Life On The Sunburn Circuit – Past Daily Pop Chronicles

Hungarian Refugees
Refugees from Hungary – 200,000 and counting.
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July 30, 1957 – NBC Radio – Nightline – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

July 30, 1957 – In keeping with Network radio’s promise of Information and Entertainment, evening shows from NBC were a mixture of hard-hitting news and think-pieces to pop culture and music, all rolled into one eclectic ball.

One of those programs was a Monday through Friday series called Nightline (no relation to the ABC News Nightline – whole different animal here). The object was a very much hoped-for across-the-board appeal with audiences. Sadly, the appeal wasn’t big enough and the series was comparatively short-lived.

But in this episode, the main story centers around the refugee situation from the revolt in Hungary in 1956. A year after Soviet tanks rolled into Budapest, the shock waves were still reverberating around Europe as refugees who poured out of Hungary were still getting re-located and integrated into different societies.

Some returned, citing life outside the Iron Curtain was just too much to deal with, while others took to their new homelands like they were born there. Seems the end-result was not the same with everyone and the vast majority had a different experience. Although some were s†ill in refugee camps, most notably in Austria, where relocation was slow to take place, mostly the relocations were happening in the U.S. where the Eisenhower government was a major recipient of refugees, but by no means had taken in the most. Refugees were relocating in cities all across America; if it was a major metropolitan center, there was a population of Hungarian refugees in there someplace.

Aside from this main story, the other stories included how the Summer Stock Theatre circuit was faring during this season. Don’t know if it still is, but the Summer Stock Theatre was the lifeblood to Broadway and the Theatre community in general. Many of these small community theatres ran plays as a try-out ahead of their regular seasons on Broadway, and the casts ran the gamut from well-known Actors on Stage and Screen to young and unknown hopefuls. It really did smack of; “I got an old barn!” and “Hey, I got some costumes . .” – don’t know if the same enthusiasm is apparent in 2021 as it was in 1957.

And that’s only a small dose of what was going on in the world and the world of entertainment on this July 30,1957 as conveyed over NBC Radio’s Nightline series.

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