August 8, 1962 – Funeral For Marilyn Monroe

Crowd at the Marilyn Monroe funeral
Funeral for Marilyn Monroe – conspicuous in its absence were the Hollywood Glitterati.
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August 8, 1962 – News reports – various networks – Marilyn Monroe Funeral – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

August 8, 1962 – As a companion piece to the Obituary from NBC Radio (Fame Is Fickle), news reports on the funeral of Marilyn Monroe as it took place on August 8, 1962.

The funeral of Marilyn Monroe was held on Wednesday, 8th August 1962 at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles.

In the absence of Marilyn’s half-sister Berniece Miracle – who lived 500 miles away and was making her way to Los Angeles – her former husband, Joe DiMaggio, asked if he and Marilyn’s business manager Inez Melson, could help with the arrangements. They decided to invite only her close family members and friends, excluding all her Hollywood friends as Berniece felt you couldn’t invite them all, and DiMaggio felt they contributed in part to her death. Press and fans stood outside the cemetery gates and surrounding streets in their hundreds, while there was a police presence in the cemetary to keep the crowd under control. The funeral service was conducted at the cemetery’s chapel by Reverend A.J.Soldan.

Following the ceremony Marilyn was interred at crypt No. 24 in the Corridor of Memories. When they were married, Marilyn had asked DiMaggio to put flowers on her grave every week, as William Powell had done for Jean Harlow. He agreed and when the time came arranged for red roses to be placed in a vase attached to the crypt for the next 20 years, only stopping in 1982.

Here are those reports from August 8, 1962 via CBS News and NBC News.

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