Nat King Cole

Nat King Cole - The entertainers entertainer.

Nancy Wilson
Nancy Wilson – tearing up the Bowl as only Nancy Wilson can do.

Nat King Cole and Nancy Wilson – No On Prop 14 Rally – Hollywood Bowl – Sept. 1964 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Nat King Cole and Nancy Wilson, in concert at the Hollywood Bowl, part of a No On 14 Political Rally from September of 1964. This was part of a star-studded extravaganza put on by opponents of the Proposition 14 Realtors Initiative on the November 1964 ballot in California. There were two separate concerts – one featuring Hollywood celebrities and legendary performers, and the other rally which featured Folk and Pop Music artists, aimed at the Young Adult voter.

Proposition 14, which was aimed at dismantling the Rumford Fair Housing Initiative of 1963, which sought to give renters and realtors the right to discriminate to whomever they chose, attempted, in effect to render the Rumford Initiative, which was intended to end discrimination in housing, null and void.

So the opposition to the amendment was strong, particularly in Hollywood – and a number of gala fundraisers was organized throughout the state, and this concert put on by the No On 14 Committee was one of them.

This rally also featured Henry Mancini, The Kingston Trio, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Joey Bishop. Milton Berle and a veritable who’s who of others.

3 hours on non-stop entertainment, from which this excellent and memorable appearance by two of the foremost singers of the 20th century shared the stage for just a shade over a half hour.

Good times and rarities – this performance has never been made available (except as a brief appearance on my other site some years back) before and was long-considered lost.

Well, it’s not lost anymore and you get to hear the magic of Nat King Cole and the sensational voice of Nancy Wilson as they filled the Hollywood Bowl on September of 1964.

Nat King Cole
Nat King Cole – The entertainers entertainer.

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4 thoughts on “Nat King Cole And Nancy Wilson – Live At The Hollywood Bowl 1964 – Past Daily Downbeat

  1. So glad to have found this. Have been seeking out TV, radio and other appearances of Nat King Cole from 1964, his last year of performing. I understand from a biography that he was ill with cancer at this point…but of course he hid it so well, and you wouldn’t tell from this performance.

  2. Wonderful. This is a display of true talent. Not only the singers but also the musician are absolutely the best. This music and lyrics stir up so memories that I either want to cry or get up and dance. Thanks for sharing. I love it. Jeannine

    1. Hi Jeannine – So glad you liked it! Hopefully, you can do both 😉


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