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The Lathums in session - X-Radio 2021
The Lathums – readying a debut album to come out in a few weeks.

The Lathums – in session for John Kennedy – X-Radio – July 31, 2021 – X-Radio –

The Lathums in session, recorded only a few days ago for John Kennedy’s program at X-Radio in London. Despite everything, clubs are slowly opening up – concerts are being scheduled and albums are getting ready to be released if they were already postponed, or getting released while taking advantage of the lockdown. Music is still in the air. It never really left, it just got creative, given the circumstances the last 18 or so months.

Hailing from Wigan on the overlooked fringes of Greater Manchester, The Lathums are Alex Moore, casting a new outline of the modern frontman, singing alongside student of the Marr-esque jangle guitar, Scott Concepcion, rapid-fire, wise-cracking bassist, Jonny Cunliffe (aka: Bass Mon Jon) and the steady, rhythmic, wise head, Ryan Durrans on drums. Pithily described by those closest as ‘like The Inbetweeners in a Shane Meadows film’, they are four bright, wild flowers growing between grey paving stones.

In just two years, the jangly guitar outfit have amassed a huge following, signed to Island Records (U2, The Streets and Ariana Grande), packed out an American diner at Kendal Calling thanks to a last-minute call from Tim Burgess, supported Blossoms, sold out two headline tours in a matter of minutes and scored a Number One single in the vinyl charts with ‘All My Life’.

The four musicians met at TMP College of Pemberton, a music school in their hometown of Wigan . After a joint project, they founded the Lathums, organized their first gigs and recorded their first single Crying Out in the college studio in April 2019 . The head of the band is singer Alex Moore, the other members are guitarist Scott Concepcion, bassist Johnny Cunliffe and drummer Ryan Durrans. Their second single, The Great Escape , caught the attention of Tim Burgess of the Charlatans , who gave them their first big appearance at the Kendal Calling Festival . The single became a local hit and brought them more appearances as opening act forGerry Cinnamon in front of a large audience. They also released a first EP with the band name as the title.

Hit the Play button and have a listen.

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