Dudek, Finnigan, Kreuger - short-lived and anything but low-key.

Dudek, Finnigan, Kreuger - short-lived and anything but low-key.
Dudek, Finnigan, Kreuger – short-lived and anything but low-key.

The Dudek, Finnigan, Kreuger Band – Live At The Palladium, New York – July 18, 1978 – WPIX-FM

It is with unbearable sadness that I inform you Mike Finnigan passed away earlier today, after an almost 2-year bout with Cancer. Mike was a dear friend, a guiding light, a larger-than-life personality, an amazing human being. He saved my life as he had with so many other men who lost their way and wanted to gain some semblance of sanity back. His professional life needs no recounting of accolades, accomplishments or associations with iconic colleagues. I never worked with Mike on stage or in the studio; I never got to know him in that capacity other than listening to the results of his artistry and his commitment to the endless spirit of music. I knew Mike as a shining example of what a human being is all about – a man of infinite character and compassion, a person who was never too busy to take a phone call or answer an e-mail. A gracious spirit who would offer help, words and suggestions.

I would say Mike was more than a friend – he was the guy I could thank for being able to wake up in the morning and remember what I did the night before and not feel guilty about it. He was the guy who convinced me I was doing better than I thought I was. He made it okay for me to like myself.

He was one of the people who encouraged me to do Past Daily – he saw the possibilities and the good it potentially could do and the joy and satisfaction of doing something you love, just as he had for so many years. Mike was not one to see limits in possibilities – he provided an indelible blueprint for a life well lived and proof joy of life is a real thing and not a fantasy.

The best I can possibly do is follow in his footsteps – to give back – be kind, to be of service.

So tonight, I though I would re-run this concert which I had originally posted in 2014. It is from a short-lived band Mike was in during the late 1970s. Only one album, precious few live gigs and this rarity of a concert that even Mike forgot about.

In light of the circumstances, it’s the least I can do. Mike Finnigan was one of a kind and anyone who came in contact with him can be grateful for the opportunity. To say he will be missed is an absolute understatement.

To say I owe him more than I can ever repay is a given – Mike Finnigan is further proof not all angels have wings.

Rest in joy and rest in peace my friend – you will never be forgotten.

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