Prepping for a 20 year reunion

With three weeks to go and 20 pounds to lose before the reunion. You're on a mission.

It’s August 1983 – You Used To Be A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – Class Of ’63 – Your 20 Year High School Reunion Is In September – You Aren’t Taking Chances.

Prepping for a 20 year reunion
With three weeks to go and 20 pounds to lose before the reunion. You’re on a mission.

August 25, 1983 – KNX-FM – 2 hours of their Final day as a soft-rocker – Ellis Feaster Collection –

Class of ’63. You survived the 60s. You survived your 10 year reunion in ’73 even though it seemed like a competition to see who got the biggest, who became the best and who acquired the most. Everything was busy being bigger, even the Ballroom of the Century Plaza Hotel was busy looking down on anyone with less than a six-figured income. The 1973 class reunion was a gathering of 70s success stories and the people who showed up out of curiosity got an eyeful and an earful and either spent the majority of the evening in the bar, or quietly stole off to a corner to gaze with slightly horrified amazement and take notes.

Almost all the women were married – to guys looking a good fifteen years older than you. Some had kids and most everyone looked pretty much identical to their class picture, slapped on their name cards. Time, it seemed, was standing still for a lot of people. Only the ones with kids looked a little thread-worn and probably would have called it an early night had curiosity or the Stoli not gotten the better of everybody.

And you left the reunion feeling a notch above Dust Mite but were determined not to let this happen when #20 rolls around, if there was going to be one.

So the years tick off and #20 finally rears up and screams. Your body has expanded, your hairline has receded and you have two months to lose 20 pounds, work on a tan and get your teeth fixed. You have it on breathless authority from a few people you’ve stayed in contact with that the totally unapproachable girl from the 11th grade, and who was married from the last reunion is now divorced and will be showing up minus the kids, who are now teenagers. You also found out cosmetic surgery was becoming very big with your graduating class and that nose jobs, boob jobs and tummy tucks were high-priority items. Be prepared for a roomful of the surgically altered, you were slyly warned.

But that doesn’t stop you from cutting out all starch, all fried foods, all sugar, anything with fat in it and existing on a diet of boneless Chicken Breasts and Tofu – all to the tune of drinking 5 gallons of purified water a day and riding your Cannondale competition bike between L.A. and San Diego twice a week, decked out in everything a Tour de France wannabe could ask for.

It’s gone beyond making an impression, it’s become a quest – you are bound – you are determined.

You are hospitalized.

Passing out on PCH somewhere near Laguna Beach, suffering from acute dehydration and sunstroke. Falling off your bike, breaking your shoulder, landing on your face and losing all your front teeth, you are being pumped with fluids and patched back together and fitted for new front teeth as your 20th High School Reunion comes and goes and history dances on without you.

Well . . .there’s always #30.

And to complete the picture, here’s a little-over-two-hour snippet of KNX-FM as it was happening on its last day as a soft-rock station before diving into the world of Top-40 as Hit Radio93 exactly as you heard it on August 25, 1983.

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