August 20, 1944

Allies heading East - Unconfirmed reports claimed Allies were already in Paris.

August 20, 1944 – Crossing The Seine – Heading To Paris – Gromyko In Washington

August 20, 1944
Allies heading East – Unconfirmed reports claimed Allies were already in Paris.
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August 20, 1944 – World News Today – CBS Radio – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

August 20, 1944 – With reports they had crossed the Seine, Allies were continuing their advance into Europe with some unsubstantiated reports that some units had already reached Paris. German radio also reported Allied troops were stretched for miles along the Seine. Elements of 14 German divisions and parts of four others were caught in the Normandy pockets and were being blasted by Allied artillery fire. In Southern France, the Allied army had advanced 20 miles toward the Rhone valley and was poised to take Toulon and Marseille. There was no sign of mass surrender, even though the British Army had already taken some 1,000 prisoners over the past 24 hours. German troops were escaping the allied pocket by also crossing the Seine at several points, using barges, pontoons and anything they could lay their hands on to make good their escape. At one point some troops were observed swimming the river to the other side. The BBC was reporting General DeGaulle had arrived in Cherbourg, presumably to join the first American forces entering Paris

Meanwhile, on the Eastern front – The Red Army was hammering German lines while advancing in the south and driving towards Warsaw on the north with heavy fighting being reported some seven miles from the Polish Capitol. Stalin issued an Order of The Day honoring Soviet pilots and saying the Russian Air Force had complete domination in the skies over Germany.

In Washington – Soviet Ambassador Andrei Gromkyo, who was chairman of Russia’s delegation to the Four-Power World Peace Conference the following day had arrived from Moscow only a few hours earlier. His presence completed the attendees at the confernce, along with Britain, France and of course, the U.S.

And that’s only a small slice of what happened, this August 20th as reported by CBS Radio’s weekly program The World Today.

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