Trampolene In Session - 2021

Trampolene - in session at Radio X, London - further proof you can get things done, no matter what.

Trampolene In Session – 2021 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Music In The Time Of COVID

Trampoline In Session - 2021
Trampolene – in session at Radio X, London – further proof you can get things done, no matter what.

Trampolene In (Isolation) Session at Radio X, London – September 4, 2021 – Radio X – John Kennedy Program –

Starting off the week with another social distance session. This time it’s Trampolene in session at Radio X in London for the John Kennedy Program.

Not exactly sure where things are standing with reference to COVID and variants and lockdowns and isolation – no one is probably more confused and unsure over it than musicians. There are bands that have started up tours, playing to venues that are surprisingly lax about masks and distancing. Reports vary about who is taking responsibility and the general feeling of overdose on caution, the relentless feeling of impending doom and just plain frustration. All of those are understandable – but nobody wants to be pegged as “the super spreader”. So some bands are cancelling or curtailing shows out of caution, while others are finding ways to keep the momentum of a new releases going while still being socially responsible.

Trampolene are a relatively new band (2016 as being considered new in some circles) who are in the midst of promoting new singles and videos and still feeling the high from the 2020 session done with Pete Doherty of the Libertines for NME’s website.

They aren’t wasting any time, and this session for John Kennedy’s X-Posure program on Radio X is their second for him. So far they’ve done a few gigs in August at mostly local venues. There is talk of more upcoming appearances – a few in-stores and relatively small gigs – but gigs nonetheless and building on what started off in 2019 as a promising future. Still is.

Like everyone planning tours or booking gigs, there doesn’t look like a whole lot of momentum on UK bands coming over to the U.S. anytime soon – so we’re pretty much having to rely on these radio sessions to keep up with who is doing what and who is just surfacing.

Don’t know how long this is going to go on for – sources say “some time in 2022” and others won’t venture to make any guesses – since the situation is so fluid that it changes from day to day.

But there is still music out there and there are still people making it and there are still artists you need to know about and there are still singles and ep’s and albums to grab on Bandcamp or download via Spotify. They still need your support; monetarily and emotionally.

So do what you can – and in the meantime, check out what Trampolene were up to the other day.

Good things are still happening.

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