Ginebras in session at RNE Radio 3 Extra

Ginebras - Queer Girls with humor, spunk and talking fruit.

Ginebras In Session – Madrid – 2021 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Rock Without Borders/Music In The Time Of COVID

Ginebras in session at RNE Radio 3 Extra
Ginebras – Queer Girls with humor, spunk and talking fruit.

Ginebras in session – RNE Radio 3 Extra – March 10, 2021 – Radio Nacional España –

Ginebras in session tonight – recorded with social distance at RNE Radio 3’s studios on March 10, 2021.

The following blurb is from their label, Vanana Records in Madrid (gist English translation):

Ginebras are Magüi (rhythm guitar and lead vocals), Sandra (lead guitar and second voices), Raquel (bass) and Juls (drums), four girls wanting to take on the world who have created their own pop universe with national indie overtones and always accompanied by autobiographical lyrics told with a lot of humor and with a roll.

At the end of 2019 they released ‘Dame 10:36 Minutes’, their first EP. Four songs full of energy that quickly established them as one of the essential bands on the scene. ‘La Typica Canción’, ‘All My Ex Have a Boyfriend’, ‘Emerging Fan’ and his very personal version of ‘Con Altura’ are already classics of national pop.

In September 2020 they released their highly anticipated first LP, ‘Ya Dormiré Cuando Me Muera’ (Vanana Records), full of instant hits. An album full of fun, dance and color that comes to shed light and good vibes in abundance and that has been highlighted in the press as one of the best albums of the year, TOP 4 of the best national pop-rock albums of 2020 according to El País.

As luck would have it, their debut album was released smack in the middle of the COVID lockdown – and normally this would spell death for just about anybody trying to get a career going. Not with this band – Ginebras have kept the momentum going by doing gigs like this one, keeping the energy up and making the best out of a strange situation.

But Ginebras aren’t just any band – since Spain have been giving us the likes of Hind to grab the worldwide audience, it’s only natural a band of Spanish Queer Girls do the same. Lots of high energy positivity, there are socio/sexual underpinnings which work very well getting a point across. Queer Girls can rock as good as any other girls – and Ginebras prove that.

I haven’t heard their debut album yet, but I suspect I will be heading over to Vanana Records and loading up my cart with Tunes.

In the meantime, hit the Play button and dive in. BTW – a nice article/interview with the band is from Los from September of last year. It adds some insight – and you can Google Translate it if your Spanish is rusty.

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